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The British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) believe that people’s skepticism plastic surgery can be dealt with, if it receives official regulation. There is not a single person in this whole world who is completely satisfied with their physical appearance. Either they have the wrong nose, extremely thin lips, or their breasts are not of the desired shape. In short, if they are given a chance to change their physical attributes they would gladly do so.

This is where cosmetic surgery plays a key role. In the earlier days, people were forced to compromise with their shortcomings. But now, with the advent of cosmetic surgery, the possibilities are endless. Even people who have been badly disfigured in a fire or in an accident can be benefited by this procedure as plastic surgery can restore their former looks.

The terms plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are often used interchangeably because of their similarity. But there are small differences between the two. Plastic surgery is generally used for reconstruction purposes like treating congenital defects, injuries, and burns. It deals with the body parts that are not functioning actively. But cosmetic surgery is used to correct parts that are functioning actively in order to enhance their appearance. For instance, a nose job is a cosmetic surgery whereas operating on a burnt hand is plastic surgery.

The most commonly performed procedures are:-

  • Breast Augmentation-It is used to give breasts the desired shape by placing silicon implants beneath the chest muscle.
  • Rhinoplasty- This procedure is used to alter the shape of the nose.
  • Liposuction-It is often referred to as “a nip and tuck” procedure. It is used to remove the excess fat that accumulates in the body especially around the stomach area.
  • Reconstruction-Used to treat burns, scars, and other disfigurements.
  • Abdominoplasty-This method is used to tighten the muscles near the abdomen especially after pregnancy, when a lot of fat accumulates in that area.

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The face acts as an entity for every individual and this holds true for the entire human race. It is obvious that we are concerned about our face and look after it. A ray of hope for all with facial disorders comes in the form of facial plastic surgery.

Reconstructive facial surgery is done for correcting the abnormalities in the face that has been caused by factors like:

  1. Burns

  2. Congenital abnormalities like a cleft lip

  3. Facial bone fractures

  4. Developmental facial abnormalities

  5. Cancer or tumor growth

The facial surgery conducted in the aforementioned cases gives the patient a shapely face and improves the overall facial condition. A reconstructive facial surgery involves the reshaping and improvement of the chin, cheekbones, nose, ears, cosmesis of the face and neckline. It is also a fantastic way to get rid of the defects that skin cancer might have caused. There may be other kinds of facial surgery like a facelift or may be chemical peeling.


A facelift is popular in the medical world as rhytidectomy. This kind of cosmetic surgery is conducted for the removal of wrinkles. For aging men and women often go for a facelift to keep looking younger and having a glowing skin. This surgical process involves removing the excess facial skin and may also require the tightening of the underlying tissues. This facial surgery results in the re-draping of the patient’s facial and neck skin. Facelifts are an effective way to do away with the laxity of tissues in the cheek and loose skin folds.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling on the other hand is also a facial procedure that is performed for removing acne and acne scars. This surgical process smoothes the texture of facial skin making use of a chemical solution that removes layer of skin to reveal a less wrinkled and smoother facial skin. Chemical peels can reduce wrinkling, treat dryness in the facial skin, control acne, improve the texture of damaged skin and reduce uneven pigmentation.

Modern facial surgery is very effective and helpful to people all over the world. You still have a golden chance to undo the facial damage that may have been caused. A better face means a better and confident person.

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