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Women are extremely conscious of their physical beauty, especially modern women. Watching young women confidently striding down a street on the way to work is not an uncommon sight these days. Hair forms an integral part of the physical appearance. However, due to various time constraints, they can’t take out time to maintain their hair and take proper care of it.

As time passes, the hair loses its shine and luster resulting in completely spoiling its appearance. This often leads to hair fall. Most women choose to ignore the signs at the beginning. They feel that a few strands falling will not matter in the long run. They will not notice that there is a major problem till they see that sections of hair have disappeared altogether resulting in bald patches.

If you are facing a similar problem, there is nothing to lose hope. The easiest and most convenient way to remedy this problem is to go for a hair transplant. There is nothing to worry when you go in for a hair transplant as the procedure is pretty simple. The surgeon will implant hair follicles onto the affected portion, in this case the bald patch. These follicles are taken from a portion where the growth of hair is thick and permanent.

Women also suffer from the problem of having excessive facial hair. This can be a great source of embarrassment and people suffering from this have retreated into a shell on many occasions. With the advent of laser hair removal, there is no need for such a drastic step. A qualified surgeon can permanently eliminate the problem of facial hair. There are hardly any side effects and the procedure has a 95% chance of becoming successful. Just make sure that you are getting it done by a surgeon who has relevant experience on his record. Recently, actor Stephen Moyer was criticized at the People’s Choice Awards for one of the worst hair transplants!

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Great and beautiful skin is desired by all of us. However, not everybody has flawless skin though. We blame our genes for it. But, we need not spend the rest of our lives having bad skin. One of the simplest methods that you may go for to get smoother skin is skin dermabrasion.

Dermaplaning or skin dermabrasion is a surgical procedure by which the top layers of the skin is refinished through a technique of “sand blasting” or controlled surgical scraping.

What is dermabrasion used for?

Dermabrasion is generally used for a variety of aging and skin problems, such as

  • Scars (mostly relief scars; not the deep scars)

  • Deep wrinkles (specially the ones to be found above upper lip),

  • Acne effects

Indications for dermabrasion

The common indication for dermabrasion or dermaplaning is treatment of surgical or traumatic scars, acne scars, photo-damage, actinic keratoses, some benign tumors, and perioral rhytides. Also, pigmentary changes caused due to post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, melasma, or tattoos can be reduced with dermabrasion.

Benefits of skin dermabrasion

Dermabrasion can produce more attractive and smoother texture of skin. It softens irregularities and sharp contours caused by scarring, wrinkles, and acne, and further remove the damaged skin. Skin Dermabrasion can also treat skin lesions and some liver (age) spots. The method can also be used to get rid of pre-cancerous growths.

Risks and side-effects of skin dermabrasion

  • Change in the skin pigmentation

  • Permanent darkening of skin

  • Appearance of tiny whiteheads after surgery

  • Developing enlarged skin pores

  • Scarring and infection

In spite of these risk factors, skin dermabrasion is certainly one of the best ways available for getting smooth flawless skin.

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